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Droppers Assemblies These are plastic or aluminium closures for a wide range of neck finishes, with PE, PVC and rubber pumps, and plastic or glass graduated tubes with calibration for a precise dosage per drop.
Insert Dropper These have a flange at the bottleneck with total insertion for varied neck diameters and densities of liquid.
Bellow Droppers These are available in PVC or PE and have optional graduation with calibrated tips for different volumes of drop and suction strength.
Closure Caps The screw caps come in PVC or aluminium, in a variety of colours complete with seal (EPE, PVC, rubber) adapted for different neck sizes. We also produce childproof and tamper evident caps, and pierced caps for droppers.
Eye Droppers and Teats We produce pressure droppers for eye drops and plastic teats for phials.
Dosage Spoons and Measuring Cups Measuring jugs and dosage spoons
Droppers for Pharmacies We produce boxes of 10 pieces (cc.10/15/20/30/50/100/125)complete with glass droppers, and capped bottles of varied capacity.
bottles Amber glass for varied capacity and neck.
Spatula and Brush Caps Including brushes and spatulas for tincture, corn plasters, wart treatments and pomades.